Sole-fry: Verb, To be obsessed, passionate and head over heels in love with all things shoes. It's all aboutsole.

After over 40 years of experience in the industry one thing we can say with absolute certainty is women love their shoes!But something else we have learned along the way is that each woman is different. Sole fry is an online portal that embodies that belief and aims to deliver what you love, to your doorstep.

We have spent 3 generations perfecting the art of shoes surmounted on the belief that shoes are far more than something you wear, they emphasise who you are.

While updating our collections in sync with international designs and trends is a continuous process; the one thing that has remained constant is quality.


Customize it.

Evolve with the ever-changing markets and fashion trends with technology that has made everything possible, customize your footwears and accessories exactly in the way you'd want them to be.




I have been wearing SoleFry footwear especially the flat ones for a couple of years now and feel very secure safe and comfortable while walking in them. Being an online shopper I think the website is also easy and fast.

Kalpita Diwan


They’re funky, they’re fabulous, but most importantly they are comfortable. Since I got my first pair of SoleFry sandals I haven’t been able to put anything else on. There’s a style for every occasion, so i have never had to look anywhere else.

Niyanta Parekh